Lowestoft Rising comprises a group of five public sector partners – Suffolk Police, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, East Suffolk Council,Suffolk County Council and NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group – which work together in a new and unique way.

Its aim is to create a significantly improved quality of life for everybody growing up, living in, working in, visiting and investing in Lowestoft.

Lowestoft Rising is not a project, a scheme or an initiative – it is a radical new approach to delivering public sector services in a specific area and turning Lowestoft into a town where everyone fulfils their true potential.

This will be achieved by creating an environment where public sector organisations work together in innovative ways to deliver better services and bring about long-term change for local people.

This demands a new integrated and sustainable approach to service delivery which ensures services are delivered with local people first and foremost; makes more effective use of existing capacity, projects and initiatives; works towards changing the demand for services and investing in services which ensure local people remain independent and are less dependent on costly interventions and make more sense and avoid duplication.

Our pledge
Lowestoft Rising remains committed to making Lowestoft a better place in which to grow up, live, work, visit and invest.

Aspiration and Pride are key to such success.  Our focus therefore remains on raising the aspirations of everyone, and especially our young people, who we will help to reach their full potential.  

Similarly we will continue to strive to generate a greater feeling of ‘Pride in Lowestoft’.    

We will also continue to work in collaboration with our partners, integrating and improving services to make them more effective and accessible for the people of Lowestoft.

In particular though we will be increasing our emphasis on improving mental wellbeing for everyone, and providing greater support to prevent and address drug and alcohol dependency. 

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