NessFest – Daisy Henwood

Making Waves: Writing About the Sea

with Daisy Henwood

Date: 27th October 2020
Time: 11am – 12.15pm
Location: online workshop via Zoom

Join Daisy for a fantastic literary and writing workshop looking at all things to do with the sea.

Whether you want to write a story about a hermit crab, an environmental manifesto about plastic waste, or an epic poem about the waves, this workshop will allow you to pour your thoughts, feelings, and questions about the sea into your writing, and celebrate what it’s like to grow up on the coast. The workshop will include games, writing activities and discussion, and will be interactive and welcoming, giving participants the opportunity to read and write about the sea, share their work and ideas, and learn from an expert and other young writers.

“I specialise in poetry and nonfiction, and have lots of weird and wonderful tricks to get you writing in ways you never thought possible.” – Daisy Henwood

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