NessFest – Sounds of Lowestoft

Sounds of Lowestoft musical workshop

with Helen Hayes

Date: 27 October 2020
Time: 6.15pm – 7.15pm
Location: online workshop

Join Helen to create an exciting brand new piece of music which captures the different sounds of Lowestoft in this workshop. Inspired by Billie Eilish who records interesting sounds on her phone as she goes through everyday life, we will be creating a similar piece using sounds you hear and experience in your everyday life in Lowestoft. It might be that your fridge door makes a really great sound when you open it, or the traffic passing you in the road makes a great noise. Your bike wheels may create a cool rhythm as they turn around, or you like the sound of your trainers squeaking on a shiny floor surface.  The challenge is to find some interesting sounds and record them on your phone and bring them into the Zoom room to share in the workshop so we can create a new piece of music, reflecting the sounds of the town.  We will then experiment with delay, creating some live loops to layer and then also add some live performance sounds with your voices or instruments if you want to bring them along too.

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