NessFest – Wear your heart on your sleeve

Wear your heart on your sleeve

with Genevieve Rudd

Date: 27 October 2020
Time: 5pm – 6pm
Location: online workshop via Zoom

Join Genevieve for this fantastic craft-activist workshop where you will transform your passions into a wearable textile patch which expresses the things most important to you. Artist Genevieve Rudd will guide you through planning and designing your idea, and show you how to hand-sew a unique patch. The patch can then be sewn onto a jacket, hat, tote bag, or to customise a garment of your choice.

To take part, you’ll need to provide:

•             pencil/pen and paper

•             sewing needle

•             sewing threads

•             scraps of fabric (e.g. old clothes, off-cuts, tea towels)

A cheap sewing kit like this one is also suitable to bring along:—40-piece/5056170305822.html

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